Thursday, 27 August 2015

Turn Your Wind Turbine Ventilator Energy Efficient by Installing A Simple Device

Wind Turbine Ventilator

Most of the houses have turbine attic ventilator that is installed to suck warmth in the attics and maintain a balanced temperature in the interiors. This is very much appreciated in the summer season. But the same turbine attic ventilator also sucks the warmth from your rooms during the winter seasons through the small air gaps in the attic leading to winter heat loss which ultimately increases your energy bills. So most of the people try to cover their roof turbine ventilator during the winter season and keep them uncovered during the summer season which is really a tedious process. To put a stop to all these hassles you can now find the best device that has been launched in the market, which is a perfect solution to stop winter heat loss in the homes.

The device is a clamp with louvers and a thermostatic controller that keeps the louvers open at 80 degrees F heat in summer and closes at 40 degrees F in winter converting your old wind turbine ventilator to become more energy efficient. The device can be easily installed on all roof turbine vents with 12 and 14 inch diameter taking not more than a few minutes to complete the job. You can follow the instructions that come along with the device on how to remove the wind turbine vent hood, place the damper in metal cylinder and re-attach the turbine head. As the temperature drops in winter is detected by the thermostat the damper louvers automatically closes sealing the escape of warmth through the turbine ventilator on the roof tops.

The manufacturers of the device surely understand that attics need 100% ventilation during summer, but only 20% in winter. So the damper cuts major winter heat loss by 80%, while removing the attic moisture, making the old turbine vents energy efficient to cut down energy bills during winters. The device which is made using polymer resin is a sun guard component and can resist heat and offers durability for years to come. It is also simple to install with a do it yourself instructions to control the air flow in your attic. You can also know if the device is working as you can see the louvers opened during summer season and closed during the winter season to prevent heat escape through the Roof Turbine Vents. This is a simple device and doesn’t cost you thousands, but helps to save energy by lowering your heating costs.

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